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Homo Monstrosus - Then

what I was doing, at various times. an archive of /now updates.

- Thursday, 02 March 2023 -

Soul etc.

Started a journaling practice/project/process. Trying to train myself to take everything to page (and screen). Or take it out on the page. Or take the page out to dinner, get it a little drunk and then grill it for its secrets.

Doing a deep dive into the Hermit card, across many different decks. Sitting at the feet of my guides; or maybe taking them out to dinner, getting them a little drunk and then grilling them for secrets.

Reading more, writing more, thinking more, and dealing with all the associated problems of such a fool-hearty lifestyle.

No but seriously, it's all going quite well.

Violence etc.

Carving a path through the God of War series. Finished God of War (PS2) and started God of War 2. Amazing how a game can be both so ahead of its time and so dated at the same time. Not a problem for me though, I am thoroughly enjoying them and eager to see how the series evolves and transforms by the time it gets to the PS4 and beyond...

Also playing a lot of Mario Golfs (N64 and GBC) to balance things out a bit.

Cake etc.

My birthday is soon and also I hear rumors that spring might be coming back as well. At this point this is all unverified chatter and probably not worth the cold, bitter breeze it blew in on. But we shall see...

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- Sunday, 22 January 2023 -

Linux etc.

I've been fucking around, and finding out with Linux as I refurb a Dell Chromebook 11 with Arch Linux and LXQt. It's fun! The whack-a-mole to get everything up and running is a challenge, but not an unwelcome one. Even when I realize 85% of my problems come from typos and missed details. _ and - are different I assure you.

Feeds etc.

Gone back in time and set up a RSS feed reader. Using FeedBin an NetNewsWire and inspiration from "The apps I use to read and write for this blog" on Interconnected.

Reading etc.

Tom Cox, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gary Snyder

Gaming etc.

Almost done with Sonic Frontiers and loving it. Starting the "...of Mana" series. Thinking about Quake and the Game Boy Advance I recently got.

I did end up beating Infernax and can't wait to play it again.

Nora etc.

Got a kitten. He's a headstrong, reckless Nora brave named Aloy. Yes, "he".

It's been a journey.

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- Wednesday, 05 October 2022 -

I guess this is like a Captain's Log - but even nerdier..?

Okay, this looks fun. What am I up to?

Fiddling with the ol' website. Adding new parts (like this page) and freshening things up. Building for the sake of building. For fun. For play.

Embracing the autumn. Doubling down on a spiritual path. Clearing out the inbox and the reading queues. Making it up as I go, but realizing that maybe I've been gathering what I needed this whole time. Just have to pick it up.

Figuring out what's next, what is, what I have around me, and what I want to start doing with it.

Thinking About

...what it means to be on the internet for broadcasting vs. recording. Writing for right now vs. writing for an audience of the future. (sure, it can be banal, but banal for future generations is different from the disposable banality of the now...)

Been reading Tom Cox:

I get like this sometimes, lose my focus, then reel it back in. It’s part of the pattern, inevitable, crucial.

...and Warren Ellis.

Here’s where I am today and here’s what I think it looks like. These are the things I can see and hear.

Reading about the Indie Web, too.

Time For

Hunkering down, really enjoying walks, and stirring up some daemons...


Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4), Infernax (Switch), Young Souls (Switch).

All great at what they respectively set out to do, and all worth your time.


The Yardbirds, Deep Purple, Rush, and Amanda Palmer - obviously.

Queued Up

Ninja Turtle Comics, Adventure Time, Contra, a photo project, getting back to the GB

Check Back In...?

I don't know... the end of the month, maybe?

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